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All residential buildings require window covers and awnings to keep the window areas from looking too bare and also providing them with direct protection from the elements. When you get your window awnings from Brisbane’s All Gates and Screens, you can enjoy a service that not only provides you with custom sized covers and hoods but that goes a step further to install these in your private or residential property, so you can start enjoying their benefits immediately.

This means that your home will have a unique and quality finishing touch that is guaranteed to last a long time and look brand new the entire duration that you have it. Contact us today on 0409 846 284 to discuss how we can create a custom look for your window awnings, covers and hoods. Bear in mind that we do not currently create interior blinds or covers.

Why choose aluminium awnings in Brisbane and surrounds?

While many producers of custom awnings choose to make them out of wood or fabric that is quick to rot and disintegrate. At All Gates and Screens we do not work with wooden materials. Instead we work with COLORBOND®, stainless steel and powder coated aluminium using a unique customised manufacturing process, which offers the end user an unlimited variety of colours and finishes.

If you would like a wooden end result to fit in with the rustic or heritage style of your home’s current exterior, we can create one that is made out of aluminium but that appears to imitate timber to the naked eye. You also could be eligible to further customise it with laser cutting or engraving. We have just as many options for you if you want to opt for a sleek, modern or contemporary style window hood.

No matter your preference, we will take care of the manufacturing and installation your custom window awnings and covers. You can find examples of our handiwork at businesses, offices and homes all over Brisbane, as well along the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

If you just want shade and protection from the rain, choose awnings. However, if you want privacy you might want to consider installing privacy screens as well.

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Made to order outdoor window awnings, hoods and covers

Our custom manufactured and installed awnings are the perfect choice for any outdoor area and are especially popular for entertainment stations or around the pool. Many people think that because awnings are made out of fabric that they will disintegrate, stain and rot quickly or that they will develop mildew.

This can be true if you cut corners with a poor-quality provider, but with All Gates and Screens we use aluminium that has been treated to repel both water as well as stains from leaves and bird droppings.

We also ensure that the metal parts can withstand water without rusting or breaking down. Having an outdoor seated area that is protected from the worst of the sun will ensure your family can spend time socialising and swimming without getting sunburnt. Custom awnings and hoods that are built to last can contribute to an attractive outdoor recreation area for many years.

Protect your home with window hoods and covers

Sunshine is great and having a bright and sunny home is essential to improve your mood and wellbeing. When you want to keep the brightness without the intense heat and UV rays, then choose a window hood for your home window exteriors.
With a window hood your views of your outdoor areas remains unobstructed and you can still enjoy the sunlight. The worst of its heat and damaging rays are kept away. If you have wooden or carpeted floors as well as expensive furniture you should know that daily direct contact with sunlight can cause discolouration and warping. With a window hood you are taking an important step to protect the belongings on the inside of your home by working on the outside of your home.


With our range of hoods, awnings and covers, you can have as much or as little control as you would like. As each one will be perfectly customised to your window, down to the last millimetre, it will function flawlessly and without any problems.

No matter if you are looking for residential window covers, hoods and awnings, or if you’re looking for a commercial or large scale awning solution, All Gates and Screens can help. Contact us on 0409 846 284 to chat with our friendly team about how we can create a custom solution for your property or project.

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