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Did you know that in less than 30 seconds a toddler can drown to death? As a parent, a business or organisation with a pool used by the public, you should be aware of how quickly the worst can happen. It’s why every pool owner near Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba regions should invest in quality pool fencing manufactured and installed by All Gates and Screens.

Glass and Aluminium Pool Fencing Regulations

National and local law reveals that there are strict rules and regulations regarding pool safety and what should and shouldn’t be done to ensure a pool area remains safe. According to Queensland law as a pool owner you have three main responsibilities:

1. to fence your pool
2. ensure that the fence is well maintained
3. ensure any damage to the fence is repaired immediately

In terms of fencing, it must cover the full length of the pool, be strong and rigid enough to withstand impact, restrict young children from the area of the pool and its immediate surrounds and have some kind of automatically closing and latching device that a child cannot easily open.

There are also rigid height and zone requirements when actually installing the fence, as you’ll need to ensure there is no climbing space around.

A failure by your fence to meet any of the above requirements can result in a hefty fine long before an accident occurs.

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As Specialist Pool Fence Manufacturers and Installers, We Can Help

We offer both residential and commercial pool fencing. We custom manufacture each fence in our Brisbane workshop. Using only the highest quality materials, our pool fences far exceed the national standards for safety and quality.

You can choose for your pool fence to be made from tempered glass or aluminium. As with our residential fencing
residential fencing , we can design, manufacture and install the perfect pool fence meeting your specific size requirements. Our ability to create the perfect fencing for the exact dimensions of your pool area means that there is no space for error and that it will work as it should. Our pool fencing can be frameless or semi-frameless, but most importantly of all it will be 100% compliant. Our choice of premium quality materials also means that you won’t be worrying about expensive, mandatory repairs any time soon.

Semi-Frameless and Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Options: For Added Style and Class to any Property

Not sure which style of pool fence is best for your property? Read on to find some more info on the look and feel glass pool fences can offer to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Both frameless and semi-frameless pool fencing is made from tempered glass. The translucent nature of glass offers a beautiful quality to any space, allowing it to feel open and light. Glass takes up less visual space and allows you to enjoy the view of your property without the fence getting in the way.

Tempered glass is as stylish as it is secure and our team can create for you the perfect look and feel with both the frameless and semi-frameless options. We are masters at balancing style and safety with our custom manufactured products and installations. Choosing a glass pool fence is a great choice for concerned parents and pet owners, as you will be able to see at a glance if anyone is near the pool that shouldn’t be.

Differences Between Semi-Frameless and Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

With frameless pool fencing you have several clear glass panels fused together, with nothing between, on top or under it. It’s the most invisible looking option that you can get. On the other hand, semi-frameless pool fencing will have a metal post between each glass panel.

The main difference between the two is pricing, as a completely frameless option tends to cost more due to the amount of panelling present. Chat to our team about how we can balance your budget with a glass pool fencing option suitable for your property.

Aluminium Pool Fencing Options: Affordable, Solid and Robust

Aluminium fencing is a popular option for families looking for a solid and robust pool fence. It is much more affordable and low maintenance than both the semi-frameless and frameless glass pool fencing options mentioned above.

Aluminium tubular fencing consists of several vertically placed tubes that can be coated in any colour of your choosing. The most common question we are asked when people consider this type of fencing is how far apart the gaps are. You can rest easy knowing that the gaps are small enough that no child or pet could slip their heads or limbs through, while still containing enough of a gap to allow breezes and sunshine to pass into the pool area. We’ll ensure your aluminium tubular fence is completely compliant with the height and sizes of gaps as required by law.

Ready to Order a Custom Pool Fence for your Property?

The sooner you contact us for assistance, the sooner you can start to enjoy your pool without worrying about safety and security. Whether you live in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba or anywhere in between, we can create the perfect fencing for your pool.

We’re confident that we can offer you the best quality glass pool fencing and aluminium pool fencing in Brisbane, so why not put us to the test? Call All Gates and Screens today.

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