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Need glass balustrades in Brisbane? Then you’ve come to the right place

Does your recently constructed and renovated space have stairs, a mezzanine, porch or balcony? Then there is a good chance that the space might be in need of quality aluminium or glass balustrades and railings for safety purposes. Lucky for you, you’re close enough to the best place in Brisbane to get all your balustrade and railing needs taken care of.

At All Gates and Screens, we custom manufacture balustrades and railings to suit your space perfectly. There is something for every budget and as we custom create every order according to size, it will fit in perfectly in your Brisbane home or business. We will work with you from the moment you decide you need balustrades to the moment we finish installing them. The hardest part will be deciding which style or finish to select!

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Not sure whether you need a balustrade vs a handrail?

Many people use the terms ‘balustrade’ and ‘handrail’ interchangeably when they are actually two different things, despite working together on a similar function. A balustrade will have several, evenly spaced upright posts or a series of solid panes running from the top of a stairway, all the way to the bottom. The handrail is the horizontally lying element that is added on top of the balustrades to make them more stable and safe and to provide more opportunities for decoration or a hand rest for those walking up or down the stairs.

Being able to create unique and custom balustrade and handrail solutions for our clients means that we have worked in a wide variety of home and commercial environments. We can help you with manufacturing and installing your solution inside, outside, on your balcony, on a mezzanine level, on a terrace or on a porch. For all of these application, balustrades are usually needed to close off the space and provide safety.

In terms of visibility, we offer three main finishes for glass balustrades, which are framed, frameless and semi-frameless. We can also create aluminium balustrades and railings with spaced out posts. The materials we use are generally a combination of tempered glass, aluminium and powder coated aluminium.

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When it comes to balustrades, safety comes first

While the appearance of your balustrade is important, and you want it to match the décor look and feel of your property, it is also critical that it actively keeps you safe and secure at all times. Australian law has many minimum requirements that must be adhered to. When we work on your custom manufactured and installed balustrade or handrail we keep all these requirements at the forefronts of our minds.

All our balustrades comply with Australia’s building code rules. They can withstand pressure and they meet the minimum height requirements depending on where it is installed in relation to a landing, floor or ramp. You will not be able to fall over or through them and each gap is tested to ensure a child cannot pass through it.

Should the balustrade or handrail be featuring outdoors, we will use hot dipped galvanised or corrosion resistance materials that can withstand moisture and salt in coastal areas without rusting. Power coating will resist fading or flaking and remain as new as it was the day it was first installed.

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Choose frameless glass balustrades to preserve your view

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Often you might find that you need a balustrade and railing on a second story balcony or floor or even an external patio area. When this happens a semi-frameless or frameless glass balustrade makes for an excellent choice. It allows you to preserve your view of the outside and retain full visibility without compromising on safety and protection.

These types of balustrades are a great addition to smaller or cramped areas as they allow light to pass through and make the space seem much bigger and airier than it actually is. There will usually be a handrail as well for walking and gripping purposes should you require one or if the balustrade will run along staircases, so you don’t have to worry about having a fall or slipping.

High quality and low maintenance manufacturing

All Gates and Screens creates products that work hard and are designed to last a very long time. This not only means that you won’t have to worry about replacing it very soon, but also that you won’t have to spend your money and hours of your time to maintain them. Part of this success stems from the fact that we spend time measuring and detailing your prospective installation space before creating the end result. This ensures that it fits to perfection and works with the structure of your built environment, and not against it.

All you need to do to get started is to call us on 0409 846 284 and chat with our friendly team about what we can help you create for your home or project.

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