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For decades, people have used fencing as a way to mark their property, keeping certain people out and letting others in. Modern fencing is still a popular option, and if installed properly will stand the test of time, no matter what’s tossed at it on a daily basis. For premium quality aluminium fencing in Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounds, contact All Gates and Screens.

We’re specialists at designing and manufacturing custom fences for all purposes.

Premium Quality, Custom Aluminium Fencing Suitable for any Project

Unlike most fencing specialists in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, All Gates and Screens will custom manufacture fences for any commercial or residential client who has the need. As we also are gate experts, you can get an aluminium or automatic gate created and fitted at the same time. We offer an extensive range of finishes and colours with COLORBOND®, aluminium and powder coated aluminium options. While we don’t use wood for our fences, we do offer an aluminium extrusion that imitates the look of timber.

No matter your selection of design or material, you can rest assured that we use only the highest quality materials. Compared to traditional timber fences, aluminium lasts longer, has little to no maintenance and doesn’t require ongoing oiling. Cracks and termite infestations are also a thing of the past. With regard to style, how your fence looks in the moments after installation is complete is how it’ll continue to look for years to come.

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From Aluminium Slat Fences to Chain Wire Fencing, We Make and Install It All

When it comes to fencing designs, we offer every possible kind, including vertical or horizontal, slat, chain wire, mesh and aluminium tubular fencing. We also offer custom designs for the tops of the tubular fences and gates on request.

Whether we’re manufacturing and installing a residential fence, front yard fence, security fence, pool fence, glass fence or garden fence our dedication to detail and getting the job done well remains the same. You can find our handiwork in aluminium slat fencing in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba homes.

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What Type of Fence is the Best for Your Needs?

If you’ve never had fencing before in your home, you might be wondering what type of fencing you will need and what type of finish it should have. Start by asking yourself what you need the fence for as well as looking at the existing décor style used in the exterior of your home. If your fencing is for security, it will obviously need to be more robust and should not have gaps or slats but if it’s for privacy then you could take a more decorative approach. Remember that every fence we make is customised to your exact preferences so there is no danger of you requesting something that we cannot or will not do.

We recommend certain types of fences for certain types of functions. If you live in an urbanised area your concern will be to reduce exterior and ambient noise and to provide protection, and if you live in a historical home then you might have to take certain aesthetic considerations into your plans. If your home is in a low lying coastal area, then your fencing will need to allow sea breezes to freely cross over your property.

Should your fencing be high or low and what should its thickness be?

This again could be affected by council bylaws as well as neighbourhood associations.

The last thing we want is for you to settle on fencing that you don’t like or want or that doesn’t meet regulations. Our expert team can help you make your decision by offering our advice based on years of experience. You are welcome to ask us as many questions when deciding on how high or thick your fence should be. Since we make everything from scratch, there is very little you could possibly ask us that we wouldn’t be able to create for you. We are involved in every second of the process with you, from start to finish and can guide you if you ever get stuck along the way.

Once you’ve chosen your final fence design, we are happy to provide you with a matching gate. Coordinating the two might not seem very important but minor details like this really make your home seem put together and attractive and they also can help to increase the resale value of your property.

Why Aluminium?

At All Gates and Screens, we believe that aluminium is a superior choice of material with which to make fencing. Your fence surrounds your home and needs to remain bright, rust and damage free for a long time, no matter the weather. We’ve found this material to be a low maintenance choice that is impervious to sun, rain and storms as well as termites and other elements of nature.

With an aluminium powder coating, you’re getting your fencing covered with a special powder paint that lasts longer than normal paint. This will ensure your fencing never fades and won’t need a colour touch up anytime soon. It also keeps it from developing rust or growths down the line.

Our custom matching service can help you narrow down your aluminium and stainless-steel fabrication, residential or commercial fencing choices to the options that suit you best. Give us a call today so that we can help you make a decision that fits in best with your property.

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